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Q:    How do you determine the cost of an order?
A:    An embroidery order is quoted based upon estimated stitch count and quantity. We give a firm cost of your order in advance upon review of your design. Additional charges will apply for rush orders.

Q:    Do you stock designs for me to choose from?
A:    We do have some stock designs available for your review. However, we will digitize your logo or design or work with professionally digitized embroidery-ready files supplied by you. Fill out our quote request form online and a representative will contact you.

Q:    What do I need to supply to you for artwork?
A:     For best results, supply us with the best artwork you have available in order for us to closely match your design. If you have a design that was previously digitized by another embroidery shop, send us the digitized file from that job to ensure a perfect reproduction. Supplying an embroidery-ready file will lower your setup fees.

Q:    What file formats for my design or logo do you accept?
A:     We accept bitmap formats such as .BMP, JPG and PDF.. We also accept vector formats such as .AI or .EPS that can be opened with Adobe lllustrator.

Q:    Can I send a file by email?
A:     Yes, you can email your design to

Q:    Is there a charge to digitize my design?
A:    There is a charge to make your design ready for embroidery. This charge is dependent on the number of stitches and complexity of your design. An exact quote can be given after our embroidery department reviews your design. The fee is approximately determined by adding $10-$15 for every one thousand stitches. There is no set-up fee for stock lettering. Please note that stock embroidery fonts are not the same as word processing fonts. They may be similar but are not an exact match.

Q:    Can you enlarge or reduce the size of my design?
A:  We can enlarge your design up to the maximum area that our machines can handle. Reduction of your design is limited to the point where your embroidered design will hold the required detail. E-mail us your design for review. Digitized designs can be reduced down to 90% or enlarged up to 110% without incurring a redigitizing fee. For best results, supply your design at the exact size that it will be reproduced.

Q:    What is the largest sewing area for an embroidered design?
A:    We can embroider within an area up to 16" wide and 11" tall for one design. Large designs that extend over this area can possibly be accommodated if there are areas in your design that are not connected (such as text).Your design can then be divided or split into two separate stitching runs that fall within a 16" x 11" area. However, splitting your artwork will significantly increase the cost of your order.

Q:    How small can you make embroidered letters or words?
A:     For best results, we recommend that embroidered text be a minimum of 1/4" in height. The quality of text degrades considerably when less than this height.

Q:    Do you offer personalized embroidery?
A:     Yes, we can embroider individual names on garments for $4.00 per item plus $2.00 for each additional line.

Q:    Are design charges applied to every order?
A:    No. Design charges are not applied for reorders if we have your embroidery-ready file, or if you supply us with an embroidery-ready design file on disk.

Q:    Will I see a stitchout or proof of my design?
A:     For custom designs, a stitch out is created here and e-mailed to you in JPEG format. You may also visit our office to review your stitch out. If you require your stitch out to be mailed to you, a $10.00 charge per sample plus postage will be applied.

Q:    How long will my order take to complete?
A:    Our standard turn around time for a basic order is 7-14 business days after your approval of a digitized design. Allow additional time for shipping if required.Type your paragraph here.